Fall 2023: Group Lessons

Group PictureEnglish style riding programs available through Oregon City Community Education and North Clackamas Parks & Recreation. Participants should be aged 8-18 years. Riding helmets are provided, however you are required to bring your own flat-soled boots, and a signed waiver before you can ride.

The lessons through OCCE are designed for those with no prior experience to having ridden just a few times. The lessons are an hour and a half, once per week for four weeks. You will learn about:

NCPRD lessons are ideal for riders who have taken the beginning riding lessons and who can walk and trot without aid. Decades of riding experience in our instructors and assitants provide a safe and educational environment.

Oregon City Community Education (OCCE)

  • Being comfortable on and around horses, grooming & basic care
  • Saddling the horse, maintaining your riding equipment
  • The fee for this class is $150
  • Tu, Th & Fr classes available, June-Aug. Register online, or call (503) 785-8520

North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District (NCPRD)

  • Structured to progress from level 1 to level 2 and explore options for more advanced riding in the future
  • Beginner 1 & 2 levels
  • The fee for this class is $225 ($235 non-resident)
  • Wed, Fri & Sat classes available. Register online, or call (503) 794-3877

For questions directly related to either of these programs and not about registration, you may contact Martine Baccelleiri at (503) 780-0548 or via email. If you're looking for more than a short program and are interested in ongoing lessons and training, call the stable at 503.632.4740 to find out more.